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The All New Rx-Water

• Mother of All Healings
• Natural Water Therapy
• Cleanses, Purifies and Energizes Water

Aura Healing Water System - World's First Bamboo-Qun Water System

The All New Rx-Water not only filters your drinking water and produces healthy drinking water for daily use, but it also capable of processing ozone-packed water to remove germs, bacteria, harmful chemicals and smell for food preparation, among others.

2 Functions in 1 Sleek Design

• Clean, purified water energized to restore balance in your body and natural healing water.
• Recommended for daily consumption, bathing, face wash, skin treatment and cooking.

Rx-Ozone Water
• Ozone packed water is 3000x more effective than chlorine.
• Removes dirt, chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and viruses.
• Removes seafood odor and preservatives on food.
• Preserves the freshness of food.
• Sterilization of baby bottles and kitchen utensils.

The Filtration System

Cartridge 1 - Primary Filter
World-class standard ceramic filter removes impurities andwater-born bacteria.

Cartridge 2 - Secondary Filter
Activated carbon absorbs odors, colors and toxic substances like chlorine. Biominex Beads ionize and alkalize the water.

Cartridge 3 - Detoxify and Alkalize
Eliminates heavy metal & radio-active substances while removing fungus, pathogens & prevent bacteria growth.

Cartridge 4 - Easily Absorbed Molecule Cluster
Aura Energized Ceramic provides intense vibration energy that breaks down the water molecules into smaller clusters for easier absorbtion by body cells. Mineral Stone adds mineral to water.

Explore the amazing benefits offered by Rx-Water's UNIQUE formula, which produces PURE and EFFECTIVE water that helps enhance your health and overall wellbeing.

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