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Helps Health Problems and Pain Relief

What is Qnergi Creme

Qnergi Creme (Cream) is an approach through a holistic therapy based on Quantum medicine and frequency medicine. Every cell, tissue and organ in our body vibrated according to their own frequency and energy. A well balanced and stable frequency will make our body become healthy and well. Once out of balance it can cause havoc.

Our internal processes, emotions and feeling also play an important role and influence our health in general. Every external frequency such as EMF, pollution, stress and so on can easily disturb the equilibrium of our cell and its DNA’s frequency.

Qnergi cream was developed to carry all the selected frequencies to stimulate our cells, tissues and organs in order for it to emulate and be at its best to maintain good health, physically and mentally.

There are 217 frequencies that have been chosen and in co-operated into Qnergi Crème. Among them are :
• 7.8Hz (Nature / Schumanan Resonance)
• 432Hz (Positive Energy)
• 528Hz (DNA Repair)

and one of the most unique is
• 639Hz (Love and Relationship)

    How It Works

Qnergi Crème Can Help To Improve The Followings :

(It is not a medicine and only meant for external use only. Please consult your doctor first.)

1. Skin Problems
2. Minor Wound
3. Nerves And Joints
4. Stress
5. Breathing Problems
6. Chronic Pain
7. Baby’s Problem
8. Pregnancy Problems
9. Post Childbirth
10. Sports
11. For women
12. Massage Cream

Method Of Use

• Rub and massage the skin in the affected area.
• For cuts or broken skin, massage the surrounding area.
• Rub and massage at the reflexology points.
• Massage regularly throughout the body (especially good for maintenance).
• Invert the bottle after use for easy use.


• Suitable for all ages and genders.
• Keep away from eyes and open wounds.
• Store in room temperature.
• Place away from the x-ray radiation and microwaves.

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