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Curve Your Body

• BodyCurve help to improve & correct the body posture.
• Help to reduce appetite.
• Far Infra Red (FIR) and the negative ions help to promote health and energy.

BodyCurve - Curve Your Body

BodyCurve is inspired from the experience and expertise of Putra Aziz in fashioning clothes for women of all ages and sizes for over 7 years. Every woman desires a curvaceous body to adorn the best of fashionable creations, but Putra Aziz was disappointed that what was available in the market was below his standards. In his quest to offer better alternatives, he designed a whole new set of creations called BodyCurve. BodyCurve was fashioned with a specific purpose to provide the desired results in comfort and style. It is wearable daily, every hour, without interrupting a woman’s momentum in executing her daily activities. It’s designed using Japanese Technology and styled to suit local fashion preferences. During BodyCurve’s trial phase, we were amazed with the fantastic testimonies that we received from women, be they women who desired to restore their body’s pre-natal figure to women who desired to look as slim and curvaceous as “Saloma”.


The imported fabric from Japan gives you top quality softness, allowing your skin to breathe and it’s light and has anti-yellowing qualities. Raises your breast, shapes out the excess fat and increases the elasticity.


Its special Tactel fabric technology allows you to wear it all day in total comfort. It’s weaved with Far Infra Red technology, which improves blood circulation and internal energy. It corrects your posture, reduces unwanted bulges and blocks as well as flattens your belly.


The Coolmax fabric dries super fast, enables your skin to breathe easily, is light, durable and easy to maintain. Its compact stitching enhances its fabric’s elasticity. Negative ions help kill free radicals, reduce body odour and provide anti-bacterial benefits. Uplifts your buttock muscles, shapes your hips, contours your thighs and improves your posture.

BodyCurve’s Uniqueness

• The fat in your body can be moved and placed in new discreet positions
• Adorning BodyCurve improves your body’s posture
• Wearing BodyCurve helps reduce your appetite
• The FIR Energy & Negative Ions help provide healthy benefits and increase energy levels.

The complete BodyCurve Set comprises a Bra, Corset and Girdle (each is also available separately). BodyCurve is also 30-40% more competitively priced when its features are compared to more expensive brands, while offering an assurance of higher quality and comfort.

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